If you came here because the rider Benno Sattler is down,
thank you !!!
Please find some info below:

I hope someone already called an ambulance, thanks for that!

Click HERE for a guide on how to do CPR!
Do it quick, please.

If that link is not working, read my transcript of it at the bottom of this page, and do CPR 🙂
Also, please check if my skin is swelling, because I have allergies (see below).
If I am not responsive, it might be smart to check if I have already swallowed my tongue – and pull it forward if needed.

Is my heart beating?
If not, it might need help, so use CPR if you have a vague idea how to (try link above again, maybe? – Or ask some bystanders, thank you! )

If heart beat and breathing seem to work fine, maybe just talk to me – I have been told a human voice is usually good against pain.

Allergy against wasps/yellowjackets:
Should you see signs of swelling, rash, some form of skin-abnormality:
Find the epi-pen in my pockets somewhere,
it is wrapped in plastic foil, along with two bottles..
Make me swallow the content of both bottles, one by one.

If I seem to have trouble breathing on top of the weird skin, but my air-pipes seem clear, then also unpack the epi-pen fully, detach the security clip on its back, and hit the orange tip of it heftily into my outter thigh from about 10cm away. Keep it pressed into my thigh for 5 seconds.

Did we alert that ambulance yet? Thanks!

In the meantime, maybe contact

Robin (brother) at
+49 176 4560 9175 or

Helen (sister) at
+49 163 1855611

If the doctors ask questions, here might be some answers:
Height 180cm / weight about 72 kg
Blood type: Unknown (awkward, sorry!)

– Wasp/Yellowjacket stings. Medication for that (adrenaline pen, cortisone and anti-histamine in back pockets! Potentially lethal due to respiratory failure (“swelling shut of air pipes”).
– Hayfever, birch, hazel nut, alder (trees)
– crossed with apples, and actual hazel nuts
– Symptoms: Shortness of breath, usually only March – May
No diabetes, no pacemaker, no fractures (except for right collar bone Oct 2022),
no medication of any kind (except caffeine :-), and a resting heart rate of around 40 bpm is normal.

Address of Benno Sattler
60596 Frankfurt, Germany

Please also possibly stop my bike computer, so the time and place of crash is recorded and saved
(“pause” (middle), then “stop ride” (left), then confirm “yes” (on the right button)).


CPR-how to:
CHECK the scene for safety, form an initial impression and use personal protective equipment (PPE)

2 If the person appears unresponsive, CHECK for responsiveness, breathing, life-threatening bleeding or other life-threatening conditions using shout-tap-shout

3 If the person does not respond and is not breathing or only gasping, CALL AN ABULANCE and get equipment, or tell someone to do so

4 Kneel beside the person. Place the person on their back on a firm, flat surface

5 Give 30 chest compressions

  • Hand position: Two hands centered on the chest
  • Body position: Shoulders directly over hands; elbows locked
  • Depth: At least 2 inches
  • Rate: 100 to 120 per minute
  • Allow chest to return to normal position after each compression

6 Give 2 breaths

  • Open the airway to a past-neutral position using the head-tilt/chin-lift technique
  • Pinch the nose shut, take a normal breath, and make complete seal over the person’s mouth with your mouth.
  • Ensure each breath lasts about 1 second and makes the chest rise; allow air to exit before giving the next breath

Note: If the 1st breath does not cause the chest to rise, retilt the head and ensure a proper seal before giving the 2nd breath If the 2nd breath does not make the chest rise, an object may be blocking the airway

7 Continue giving sets of 30 chest compressions and 2 breaths. Use an AED as soon as one is available! Minimize interruptions to chest compressions to less than 10 seconds.