Up the hill, with a camera and telemetric data

Just for fun.
And for the future possibly with more camera angles – using cameras brings ideas for fitting bikes to people better 😉

This is an aluminium bike, the only carbon fibre parts being the fork and the saddle, composed out of four different “groups” of Shimanos’ offerings.
Brakes, wheels, bottom bracket are all sourced elsewhere, I installed special gearing outside of manufacturers’ specifications, and am running 32mm wide 700C tyres and a 36cm wide drop bar. Coming to a total of 7.6kg at present.

With this new gearing, I feel confident even on 17% gradients on loose terrain, while feeling still confident descending at relatively high speeds (high in relation to my nervous system).
Here is the short version of my most recent ascent, starting in the gnarly bit:

Here is the full version, should ever feel so inclined: